With 28 years and counting in the business, Bob brings a vast array of experience to hosting corporate events and speaking engagements.


Bob will engage your audience. His skills relax a crowd while simultaneously exciting an entire room with sophisticated talk and relatable stories. His knowledge and experience is diverse enough to touch and inspire a mixed group. He can grab hold of your purpose and deliver it with power. If it’s a live auction, a round table talk or an awards ceremony, your night will be fun, thought provoking and uniquely professional. At the end of the night, your event will indeed be memorable.

Clients include:
Chase, Verizon, Konica-Minolta, Quest Diagnostics, Dunkin Donuts, MetLife, Visa, Timex, The PGA of America, Pepsi

Charities include:
Dr. Theodore Atlas Foundation, Hackensack University Medical Center, Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York, Autism Speaks, The Giants Foundation,The First Tee Program, Shaun O’Hara Ambassador of Hope for CFF


Accepting “no” was never an option for Bob. Without any ready made connections into the broadcast industry, he forged his own path and bucked the odds in becoming one of the top sports announcers in the United States. But like any story, there are potholes that must be navigated on the way to success. He has been in a front row seat for some of the major sporting moments of the last quarter century. He has watched and learned from the biggest stars in sports on what it takes to really win. Not just in the moment but over the long haul.